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Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers

Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hanger 5 Piece Kit

Easily hang a wide variety of quilts, tapestries, and other textiles with these simple devices!  Powerful magnets securely hold your quilt to the metal plate through the rod inserted into your quilt's rod pocket.  Use the included removable adhesive strips and your own metal rod and see what a hassle-free hanging system this is.  No tools are required, your wall won't be damaged, and leveling is just a matter of sliding the rod or magnet!  Remove, re-hang, or change your quilt display with absolutely no hassle.  Display large quilts by using more plates (see guidelines below for suggested number of plates.)  Plates are pre-drilled with screw holes in case you are not able to use removable adhesive strips on your wall.

Mounting Plate Guidelines:  These 5 mounting plates with magnets will hold a variety of quilt sizes with your adjustable steel curtain rod or steel bar.

1 to 2 plates - Mini Quilt (centered) to Twin Size

2 to 3 plates - Twin Size to Full Size Quilt

4 to 5 plates - Queen Size to Heavy King Size

Package Contents:  5 Small Steel Plates, 5 Extra Strong Neodymium Magnets, 10 Removable Adhesive Strips, Instructions. 

 Steel rod is not included, you will need to supply your own rod.